Don Hawker
Republican candidate
State Representative District 18

Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, and Phoenix Voters of Legislative District 18,

One doesn't need a crystal ball to see the future of our state and cities if the electorate continues its leftward trend. To see that voting blue will be followed with crying the blues, one can simply look at the “largely peaceful protests”: havoc zones of the marxist-led organization BLM assisted by Antifa and sundry amateur rioters burning, vandalizing, looting, assaulting, and generally causing havoc in Democrat strongholds Seattle, Portland, Chicago, etc., enjoying immunity, crowned with the spectacle of a couple defending their home--abandoned by police--only to be arrested and have guns confiscated later when it was safe for the police to arrive.

As with Democrat embarrassments like slavery and Jim Crow, they would like to blame all police, Republicans--anyone but themselves. See through the moderate sounding and appearing candidates in this race who are obsessed with “progressing” us into what events of this year have showcased are the fruits of socialist, anti-life, anti-chastity and anti-religious-freedom Democrat ideology.

We need you who recognize this Dem-olition derby on civilization to make the effort to vote the entire ballot this November as if your childrens' reception of their precious U.S. heritage depends on it--it does.

With your votes, we will  work to forestall the pan-DEM-onium.


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So, after being caught sponsoring this Rep Jermaine has herself removed. You can see she was originally a sponsor here. HB2696 "Fetal Resuscitation Bill" which required there must be a full attempt to save a child who survived an abortion. This bill removes that requirement, meaning you could let the child die. JENNIFER JERMAINE SUPPORTED THIS.
Hear it for yourselves..Cofounder of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors says in an interview that they are trained Marxists