Emergencies and authority

Obviously work needs to be done to define the limits of authority of executives and cities.  There seems to be a dual system: one group must obey under questionable authority such as business limitations, while (in Democrat cities) rioters are given free reign while police are forced to stand down.

School Issues

The teachers' union seems to be satisfied with prolonging distance learning.  This type learning is problematic.  School board meetings on Zoom can be restrictive to get parent/community comments--which should all be posted so not just board members can see them.

Much more needs to be done to investigate the poor test results of public system, and ensure parental transparency of all curricula.


The incumbent Democrats have been obsessed as expected with the destruction of family with any semblance to Christ's definition.

Their legislation enabling transgenders' falsification of birth and death certificates and driver's licences would cause LEGAL HAVOC and bypass the VOTER APPROVED one man-one woman definition of marriage (AZ Constitution Title 30).

The people of Arizona passed the marriage proposition establishing Title 30 of the AZ constitution--one man one woman. Our Democrat opponent Jermaine claims to be a proponent of propositions.

The gender identity effort to falsify the birth certificate does not change a person from one gender to the other: e.g. a man is still incapable of having a baby, just for starters. It does nullify title 30, something legislators are not allowed to do with the simple majority that the bill passes with, that is, if anyone is paying attention.

The bigger problem is this legislation would however establish precedent that what is claimed to be in the interior of an individual's mind supersedes all other realities.

Let us take an example like drunk driving. Suppose a policeman observes a vehicle driving erratically, and so pulls it over. He asks the driver regarding his alcohol consumption. The driver replies “I am completely sober”. With the new legal paradigm, the incident is over. The policeman has no reason to order a blood test on the driver because scientific measurements will no longer dominate but the person's opinion/lie/belief will render prosecution irrelevant. The policeman wishes the man a good day and he goes about his drunk driving.

So one must mentally prepare for the co-ed mixture of showers and sports, even male prisoners could simply declare female to get into the female prison.

The marriage amendment is not the only unconstitutional thing about legal gender swapping...it basically nullifies trial by jury. If the only relevant information is an alleged criminal perpetrator's own mind, the other minds, on the jury, are irrelevant.

To allow the individual to declare reality is to decimate human society. The result would be chaos. The irresponsibility of this type bill is incalculable. But our Democrat opponents, along with others in their caucus sponsored it for birth certificates, death certificates and driver's licenses.

Abortion is the killing of a child by its parents and Democrats are notorious for their immoral platform plank mandating taxpayer funded abortion throughout pregnancy.  Surgical abortion is the violent dismemberment, disemboweling and decapitation of a helpless innocent child in a way so cruel that there would be an outcry were it done to the most nefarious convicted criminal.  All contraception pills also kill conceived babies by preventing implant, no less barbaric.  Though it was killed early in legislative process, our incumbent Jermaine originally sponsored a bill which negated present law requiring abortionists to try and save a baby who survives abortion.  They are extreme in the wrong direction of understanding when life and personhood begin--at conception.

The following video was taken October 3 at Tempe "Planned" "Parenthood", a tragic manifestation of the abortion mentality.  The pictures are vandalism--rediculous statements on sidewalk.  The vandals also painted over the sign of pro-life clinic Aid to Women Center.

1st Amendment

The 1st Amendment relates to both speeach and religion and leftists attack both.  The incumbant Representative Jermaine pushed a bill (2019 HB2546) to force employer to hire those who in their identity or lifestyle disagree with their doctrines (e.g. a real male in a female position).  Charitable expression of warning against behavior jeopardizing the soul or body is treated by left as "hate speech" or "hate crime".  I will never support these concepts.  We don't have the right to judge the mind, only the actions of a criminal.

2nd Amendment

Even as their ideological minions destroy property and even life in their anti-Trump "revolution", Democrats never cease to try to erode the 2nd amendment, lately with red flag laws.

Publicly financed Pornographic/Pedophilic materials in libraries

In children sections of libraries and so-called digital databases, pornography and social engineering is a constant problem.  Punishment for facilitating should be commensurate with such actions done on an individual basis, as is usual in law.

Civil Rights

While the Democrat party exacerbates divisions between any groups it can find, their own history of civil rights is kind of sketchy.

These aberrations of good social order would be law today if the Democrats had a majority.